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No longer do you have to be content with the "variation of the white wall" for front projection. The advent of new screen technologies gives old projectors new life, and prevents eye strain for audiences. onProjection is your source for innovative, audience pleasing high contrast projection screens and projectors.

Innovative Projection Screens

Innovative Screens

Introducing the Supernova Screen from dnp Denmark. With an available surface that more than doubles the effective brightness of your projector, It's the only screen that actually absorbs ambient light and still gives you wide-angle, no shimmer performance in any environment: classroom, conference room, board room, auditorium, trade show, church, and of course home theater.

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Quality Digital Projectors

Quality Projectors

There are new, innovative projectors available that provide high definition, high brightness images. As the price/performance curve continues, brighter, high definition units are now affordable. The specifications can be confusing to a non-professional, so trust the advice of a seasoned professional about the projection gear for your business venue or home theater.

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